A little vid from our hombre's down Phoenix Arizona way, Red Chair Recordings. This one is a Billy Joe Shaver tune called 'Ride Me Down Easy'. First heard Waylon do this one on the re-release of 'Dreaming my Dreams'. We've recorded this one for our upcoming cover song record. 


Friends, we are looking for a little help.

Our two 'Studio' records were recorded in cabins. The Self Titled in a friends cabin on Galliano Island and I'll Be There Tomorrow in a beautiful log home in the mountains of Merritt B.C. 

We are looking for something special to hunker down in and record our next record. Ideally within a couple hours of Vancouver, secluded (so that we can make loud noises at all hours), and made of logs a bonus. 

Get in touch if you've any ideas. Much thanks folks.


Post by The Sumner Brothers.


Our main Man WIlly Tea Taylor was recently spotted wearing a Sumner Bros T-shirt. As per usual Will was wearing a big old smile as was his lady, the loveliest of all the lovelies, The raddest of the rad, Ms. Ericka Lynn. 

Willy is one of the most beautiful songwriters of our time, and his band slays. 

Willy Tea Taylor
The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit

photo by Kristan Roberson


Brother Brian & I have been teaching guitar out in our home town of White Rock for a while. Set up a nice little studio out there last year. It's been a great time.

www.sumnerbrothersstudios.com - guitar and performance in White Rock / South Surrey

Our local paper ran an article on the studios this morning. 

Two-room studio keeps Sumner Brothers busy in South Surrey (with video)

Musician Brian Sumner: "We learned from the band that if you just stick it out, the word will eventually spread."

- See more at: http://www.thenownewspaper.com/entertainment/local-entertainment/two-room-studio-keeps-sumner-brothers-busy-in-south-surrey-with-video-1.1136213#sthash.QZjMH1Yc.dpuf
Brother Brian Sumner at www.sumnerbrothersstudios.com - Guitar & Performance in South Surrey / White Rock


Settling back in here in Vancouver after a bloody great tour with our old friends, Willy Tea Taylor & The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit. Truly wonderful bad ass dudes. Count our lucky stars to have the opportunity to travel and play with those dudes.

Have a looksy at our pics from the trip. What a time.


Brother Bob & Elliot C. Way are very proud and happy to announce that after a long hiatus they have returned with their  monthly singer/songwriter showcase in East Vancouver. 

The first show back was incredible.

For The Sake Of The Song Sundays, was an intimate magical night of song created by Bob Sumner & Elliot Christopher Way. It is difficult to convey what exactly happened those nights in Elliot's dusty River Vintage shop on Commercial Drive. 

The Cheap beer, the intimate setting and quaint atmosphere, the incredible performances and the warm and loving community of listeners that showed up every month, made this night a beautiful experience to cherish and remember.

A few of the great artists that have graced our humble stage are: Ryan Boldt of The Deep Dark Woods, Simone Schmidt of The Highest OrderA.P. Dugas,Stripmall Ballads, and a whole lot of our favourite local talent to boot.

Sadly, The River Vintage closed down and we found ourself without a home. We decided we did not want to force the shows without a proper intimate venue. We waited patiently, trusting that something would eventually come along and now it has. Anchor Guitars/Cousin Jack is the perfect space because of its small intimate setting, hidden location, and its plethora of exposed brick and hardwood. 


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